More than a year after the Ley de Control del Tabaco (Anti-Tobacco Law) went into effect, the Ministry of Health has been able to collect some ¢8 million colones in fines from those who insist on smoking or allow smoking in public places.

The law was approved and went in to effect in March 2012.

The ban on smoking in all public places has taken effect. Smoking in bars, for example is almost non-existent.

The Ministra de Salud (Health Minister), Sissy Castillo, said that the ¢8 million colones is from 23 fines and that the Health ministry has received 151 complaints, 90 of which have been investigated. Of the investigated, 20 were dismissed without cause.

The minister explained that in the ¢8 million are penalties and collection fees for those with outstanding fines of more than 30 days and a ¢3.6 million colones fine against a Heredia company to promoting tobacco use.

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