With more than half of the votes counted (50.3%), the Partido Acción Ciudadana (PAC) is gaining ground rapidly, running neck in neck with the Partido Liberación Nacional (PLN), securing a second position in the presidential race.

At the 10pm cut, Luis Guillermo Solís had 30.13% of the vote, Araya 30.22%, Villalta 17.23%, Guevara 11.17% and Piza 6.11%.

What has been occurring from the first minutes of the counting of the results it appears clear that neither of the top two candidates will obtain the required 40% to win the election, forcing a run off vote on April 6.

The big suprise at this point is the poor showing of Villalta (17.44%) and the popularity of Solis.

None of the political commentary by experts have pointed to a Solis run off with the Araya, Villalta and Guevara, the three candidates that have scored well in the polls.