The tally is eleven legislators, four ministers and one judge that are under investigation by the Ministerio Público (Attorney General’s Office). Of these, four have already been charged.

The most recent case is that of the judge of the Sala I, Óscar González, who is being investigated for an alleged rape of a another judge.

The Attorney General, Jorge Chavarría, explained that the process has begun to remove the judge from the bench.

Following is a list by the Ministerio Público:

Ministers under investigation:
1. Roberto Gallardo, Ministro de Planificación: Dereliction of duty
2. Mario Zamora, Ministro de Seguridad: Disobedience and abuse of authority
3. Leonardo Garnier, Ministro de Educación Publica: Influence peddling
4. Pedro Castro, Minstro de Obras Pubicas y Transportes: Malfeasance

Legislators under investigation:
1. José Maria Villalta: Public research and minor injuries
2. Carmen Granados: Obstruction of public highway
3. Oscar Alfaro: Election Offenses
4. Walter Cespedes: Influence peddling
5. Fabio Molina: Misappropriation of funds
6. Justo Orozco: Misrepresentation
7. Rita Chaves: Embezzlement
8. Victor Hugo Víquez: Self-determination of voter
9. Victor Emilio Granados: Misrepresentation
10. Jorge Angulo: Influence peddling and extorsion
11. Alicia Fournier, Election Offenses

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