(COSTA RICA EXTRA) Ranging in age between 26 and 49, Señora Costa Rica on Tuesday presented the 13 contestants in the beauty contest that will take place on June 27.

The event took place at the Valesky boutique in Escazú, where each of the contestants paraded in swimsuits and cocktail dresses, highlighting theY are all mothers.

The contestants are: Wendy Ramírez, (40); Shirley Madrigal, (36); Natalia Bustos, (26); Carolina Fernández, (34); María José Selva, (34); Viviana Rodríguez, (35); Xenia Elizondo, (40); Montserrat Quesada, (40); Lucrecia Campos, (49); Shakira Mc Donald, (40); Johanna García, (32); María Cecilia Ulate, (31) and Kathia Umaña (36).

The final will be held at the Croc’s Casino in Jaco, on June 27.

Marisol Soto, organizer of the contest, said that this group is very diverse and competitive women. She also stressed that the effort of the women shows that they can be married and have children and still be beautiful.

The cost to attend the final is ¢20.000, all proceeds going to the Fundación Pro Cuidados Paliativos.

Article originally appeared on Costaricaextra.com

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