The leader and founder of the Partido Acción Ciudadana (PAC), Ottón Solís, said that he probably would cast a”en blanco” (blank vote) at his group’s convention to choose a presidential candidate on Sunday.

But he said he would got to the polls and participate in the internal party process.

Solís has led the PAC party in the last three presidential elections.

After the 2010 defeat he said he would sit out the 2014 presidential elections. And despite his firm stand that he would not run, stepping aside for new leadership possibilities, rumours persisted of him leading the party into one more election. The rumours were quieted as the party convention date neared.

On Sunday, the PAC party will choose between Epsy Campbell, Juan Carlos Mendoza, Luis Guillermo Solis and Ronald Solis as the presidential candidate for the February 2014 elections.

As to Ottón he has publicly stated will maintain a position of neutrality and will assert his right to vote, but “will not choose” any of the candidates.

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