The Registro Civil.
The Registro Civil.

4.7% of Costa Ricans add a pseudonym (known as) on their “cedula” (Costa Rican identity card), according to the Registro Civil.

The head of the Departamento Electoral del Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones (TSE) – Elections Department Supreme Electoral Tribunal, Ana Isabel Fernández, said that a pseudonym is accepted and included on the cedula after an investigation demontrates that the person is indeed known by another name.

Fernández explained that no pseudonym or nickname can be used it goes “against morals or good customs”.. “Lucifer”, “Pecas” (Freckles), “Locos del bus” (Crazy Bus) are some of the pseudonums that have been rejected by the Registro.

Most of the pseudonyms are used by persons whos names were recorded with an error by theri parents at the time of registration of the birth or by women who want to be known by their husband’s last name or live abroad, added Fernández.

According to the Registro, a total of 147.119 Costa Ricans of the 3.078.321 registered to vote use a pseudonym or nickname on their official identity card.

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