15-signs-you-live-in-a-costa-rican-jungle-olivia-christineQCOSTARICA LIVING (By Olivia Perez, Ochristine.com) My time here in the Osa Peninsula has be nothing short of wonderful.

Every afternoon I lift my head towards the sky and gaze at vibrant scarlet macaws flying in pairs, only to realize that while I was observing nature above me, a spider was quickly creating a web around me.

Oh, wonderful.

It’s official. I am living in a Costa Rican jungle and there are over 100 signs of confirmation. Here are 15 of them:

1. Rain season is heaven: sun showers are a necessity and I can’t understand why high season would be dry season.

2. No alarm clock needed: thanks to heat and howler monkeys.

3. Mosquito nets are your best friend.

4. Coconut oil is your best friend (mosquito repellent).

5. The local restaurant is also a bar and vendor stand, featuring a DJ with a baby strapped to him while playing “Getting Jiggy With It”.

6. You’re not hearing things… that was the sound of a dying man. But don’t worry, it’s not a death eater – just a howler monkey.

7. You shake out every item before use.

8. Finding turtle eggs is a huge deal and requires immediate action.

9. Watching turtles hatch and swim to sea makes you cry tears of joy

10. You forgot what ice is.

11. You also forgot what a hot shower feels like.

12. Hitchhiking is normal and recommended.

13. Boas. Eagles. Falcons. Toads. Tucans. Sloths. Monkeys. Lizards. Waterfalls. …you’re used to ’em.

14. You forget other people can’t see the stars.


15. Bioluminescence! The ocean is full of this glowing plankton and a nighttime swim will have you glittering blue.

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