– Arms and drugs seized were headed for Mexico
Investigation began on a tip from the DEA


Two undercover agents of the Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ) were able to infiltrate an organized crime unit with ties to Colombia’s Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC), operating in Costa Rica.

Francisco Segura, head of the Organismo de Investigacion Judicial (OIJ)
Francisco Segura, head of the Organismo de Investigacion Judicial (OIJ)

Between the late hours of Thursday night and early Friday morning, agents raided three homes and were able to arrest five Colombian nationals and a Nicaraguan,  confiscate 492 kilos of illegal drugs presumed headed for Mexico, 27 rifles and 7 handguns.

The raids were on homes in Sabana Sur, Barrio Escalante and Curridabat.

Francisco Segura, head of the OIJ, said that one of the Colombians was the owner of a gun shop located in Barrio Escalante, where weapons were brought in legally, the modified and sold illegally.

Segura said at a press conference Friday afternoon that Costa Rican authorities will be working with their counterparts in Colombia to verify the identify of the Colombians.

Segura explained that the OIJ began its investigation  several weeks back after receiving information from the DEA in the United States about arms movements, linked to the FARC in Colombia.

The OIJ chief said that an undercover agent was able to get close enough to arrange for the purchase of the illegal (modified) weapons. Learning that there were illegal drugs involved, a second agent was brought in to infiltrate the gang.


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