An ambitious project by the Ministerio de Seguridad in co-ordination with the Secretaría de Gobierno Digital will see the installation of 2.500 security cameras throughout the country.

Currently, 60 cameras, installed and are operated by the Policia Municipal de San José (municipal police), keep an eye on things in the capital city of San José. The cameras were

The large scale project, however, is nationwide that includes some 600 cameras in the Gran Área Metropolitana (GAM) – the San José Greater Metropolitan Area which encompasses most of the Central Valley.

According to the director of Gobierno Digital, Alicia Avendaño, the cameras will have special software that sends information to the police.

The project is to cost US$15 million dollars.

For Fuerza Publica (police) director Juan José Andrade, the system will aid police in monitoring activity and use for material evidence in court.

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