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25 Deaths So Far For Semana Santa

The Cruz Roja (Red Cross) is the first line response in emergencies in Costa Rica.

COSTA RICA NEWS – Twenty five dead is the count so far, with today still to go and all the numbers from yesterday still not in, it has been a bloody Semana Santa.

The Cruz Roja Costarricense (Costa Rican Red Cross) has confirmed that so far this Semana Santa they have recorded 25 violent deaths, 12 of which are due to traffic accidents.

That is four more this year than the same period last year.

Although the partial numbers seem high, Jim Batres, director of operations at the Cruz Roja, expects the final numbers to be lower than 32 deaths for Semana Santa in 2013.

The number of deaths do not include deaths in hospital. Bates said that 80 people in critical condition have been transferred to local medical facilities.

Traffic accidents are the leading cause of deaths this Semana Santa, followed by aquatic accidents and deaths from weapons.