The death toll continues rising. So far this year, 293 people have lost their lives in traffic accidents. A worrisome figure for transit authorities because up to Monday, August 27, the number of deaths so far this month reached 37 deaths, seven more than those that were counted in the entire month of August last year and four more than those registered in July.

Photo from Facebook Accidentes de Costa Rica

“August has shown a worrying increase in the accident rate with fatal consequences. We are not only talking about the number of deaths but the circumstances in which these accidents have occurred, such as frontal crashes, which could be related to improper passing or people on their cell phone and lose sight of the road. We have the case of vehicles that run off the road, which can infer abuse of speed or alcohol at the wheel. Sometimes, the reason is as simple as lack of skill, people who are not qualified to drive,” said Transit Director Germán Marín.

Driving without a license is a problem. According to the data from the Policia de Transito (traffic police) up to the end of July this year, a total of 24,292 fines were issued to people driving without a license. The fine is ¢105,000 colones.

Photo from Facebook Accidentes de Costa Rica

To combat the use of the cellular phone while driving, the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT) announced that it is carrying out a campaign in conjunction with the Road Safety Council (Cosevi) and the cellular operator, Movistar, to provide information on the danger of using a cell phone when driving.

According to data from Movistar, recording an audio with the cell phone while driving at 40 km/h, takes 15 seconds, representing 160 meters (a block and a half) of travel without the person concentrating on driving.

In addition, the authorities highlighted other recurring behaviors such as driving without using a seatbelt or allowing passengers not to use one, as well as riding a motorcycle without a helmet.

“People still do not understand that the Traffic Law does not make distinctions, everyone must wear a seat belt. The case of motorcyclists is also alarming, we have sanctioned a little over 4,000 for not wearing a helmet, while at 31 July 116 motorcyclists had died, that is, for every one of them we have sanctioned 35, which shows that There are even more irresponsible people who do not even wear a helmet. It is difficult to understand how more people do not die, “reflected Marin.a

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