More than 300 drivers were caught by the Policia de Transito in the last two days, all for not having their 2013 Marchamo paid.

In some cases, drivers did not have the Riteve current, which meant an additional fine and in several cases licenses plates confiscated.

The fine for not having the Marchamo current is ¢47.000 and possible confiscation of license plates. The latter being at the total discretion of the Tránsito (police official).

The Marchamo comes in two parts: one, a sticker that is to be placed on the front windshield and two, a document that is to be carried in the vehicle at all times.

There is debate as to the location of the sticker on the windshield. The traditional is on the passenger side. Some place it on the top middle.

In the past the sticker included the vehicle and plate details, traffic officials would then confirm it corresponded to the document. Now, it is just a generic Marchamo sticker.

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