If you’ve been complaining there is nothing to do in Costa Rica or you have been simply procrastinating, here are “5 experiences” to change all that and have a great year in paradise.

Casa de las mujeres
When it comes to reconnecting nature, there can be nothing more genuine than visit the village of Yorkin, Talamanca. There’s you will find the Casa de la Muejeres (the Women’s House project), which offers a unique way to experience the Bribri culture.

Bike Ride of San José
Don’t be pessimistic, the ChepeCletas boys have a passion for San José and you can take to their work on a tour of the capital’s tourist sites and historical interest, on a bicycle.

The Club de Montañismo de la Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR) – Mountaineering Club of the University of Costa Rica – offers a great opportunity to meet wonderful places of the country. Every 15 days,  one or two day tours are organized, and people aged 18 and up welcome.

The Night Jungle
Monteverde is no novelty for local or foreign tourists, but that does not mean they do not still keep some secrets. At night, the forest is one. Two tour operators offer night jungle tours Reserva Bosque Nuboso Santa Elena  y el Santuario Ecológico Monteverde.

Camping On An Island
Isla Murciélago, is a hidden gem for gem diving enthusiasts. The island offers trails and natural viewpoints towards the peninsula of Santa Elena. It has a camping area with safe drinking water. It is convenient to visit the island on a walk one day, round trip, because she comes with a boat ride of three hours. The boat takes in the coastal town of Cuajiniquil, La Cruz.

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