The sexual abuse occurred on a San Jose – Purral bus on January 19. Photo for illustrative purposes

Q COSTA RICA – A 62 year-old man will be spending the next three years and eight months in prison for touching the buttocks of a female passenger while riding the bus.

According to a press release by the Ministerio Público (Public Prosecutor’s Office), the man identified by his last name Aguilar Solis, is already behind bars, after pleading guilty and agreeing to an abbreviated trial.

The event occurred on a Purral bus as it passed through El Cruce de Moravia on the morning of January 19.

The woman, who was standing while riding the bus, was approached by Aguilar from behind, purposely touching the her buttock with his intimate parts. The woman called him on it, but minutes later, he repeated the act.

When the woman asked the driver of assistance, the man got off the bus and fled. One of the other passengers, who had witnessed the act, along with the victim gave chase stopping Aguilar near Novacentro and calling 911.

Faced with the conclusive evidence presented by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Aguilar decided to plead guilty and undergo an abbreviated process resulting in a conviction in only 12 days, the Fiscalía de Flagrancia del II Circuito Judicial de San José, in Goicoechea convicting Auguilar on two counts of sexual assault. On Monday, January 30, Aguilar began serving his sentence.

Given that the Aguilar Solis worked as an informal taxi driver, authorities suspect that there may be other women victims, thus the Ministerio Publico urges potential victims to file a complaint.

Source: La Nacion

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