After 7 days you won’t believe what these couples discover about themselves underneath the sheets. When the going gets tough, could your marriage survive…  7 Days of Sex?  the Lifetime reality show which challenges couples to have sex for one week straight with the hope of saving their marriage now Costa Rica and Latin America on the Biography Channel.

The Partington Family on Episode 1
The Partington Family on Episode 1

Sounds simple but the kids, the bills, working late hours…in relationships it’s the little things that can lead to big problems.

Each week this all new reality series follows two new couples whose marriages’ are at a cross-roads and have agreed to a do-it-yourself marriage fix. Sex…we think of it as naughty, racy and fun, but maybe it’s more than that — maybe it’s actually good for you! Tune in and find out.

The television show that originally aired in 2012 now is available in Costa Rica on Mondays on the Biography Channel at 10pm, with repeats on Thursdays and Fridays

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