A 32-year-old man identified as Wesner Chavarría Camareno, died on Sunday at Playa Uvita, Puntarenas, believed to be participating in the renowned Envision 2018 festival.

The young man was wearing the festival bracelet, but, apparently, is not the one used this year. Alfonso Quesada, La Teja

The Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ) relying on witness accounts said that after 7 am on Sunday, Chavarria was on the beach. Apparently, by that time the water reached his knees and suddenly vanished. The young man, from Liberia, Guanacaste, was found at dawn on the shore of the beach.

As it is a private event, the event security was in charge of coordinating with the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) for the transfer of Chavarria to local medical center; however, it was reported that upon his arrival at the hospital he was already dead. Investigators are waiting on the results of the autopsy for the official cause of death, to determine if he drowned or overdosed on drugs.

Last Thursday Wesner shared this photo on his Facebook to tell that he was very happy enjoying Playa Uvita. Taken from Facebook

Apparently, it is unclear if Chavarria was a participant of the Envision Festival that began on Thursday in Playa Uvita, because on his left hand he had a bracelet with the name of the activity, however, it is rumored that said bracelet was one used in previous years.

The Envision Festival has been held in Costa Rica for the last eight years, an event that brings together dozens of national and international people who love art, spirituality, yoga, dance and the connection with nature.

Photo by: Eric Allen Photo for Envision Festival

This event does not have the support of many locals in the area because they assure that the attendees just come to consume drugs and alcohol.

The body of a young boy was found in the Saripiqui river Sunday morning

On Sunday (to the afternoon) there were five deaths due to water accidents in Costa Rica’s waters. Among them, three brothers from Las Mesas de Pejibaye of Pérez Zeledón and a boy whose body was found in the Sarapiquí River.

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