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A Bad Omen For The Legislative Assembly

For many people it is bad omen.


Fulfilling the strict protocol that mandates wearing black in the legislative session of May 1 of each year, a very special misingo (scrawny cat) walked this Tuesday by the Legislative Assembly and once fired all the alerts of the most “creyenceros” (foreseers), who began to say that the kitten was nothing more and nothing less than a (bad) omen of the next four years.

OnTuesday morning a black cat was spotted walking through the gardens of the Legislative Assembly. Photos: Mayela López

But the new deputies capotearon (covered) the cat and its possible bad vibes because some do not believe in tales of Martians and others want to take the cat to the Virgin of Los Angeles. Others are convinced that bad luck, or good luck, does not depend on misingo but on the 57 legislators.

“On the road of life we have everything, black cats and white cats, but I am convinced that the positive thing that we attract in our paths is based on work and dedication. In front of a black cat of legislative bad luck, you have to put work. There is no bad luck for those who try every day,” said Luis Fernando Chacón, the only male member of the Legislative directory.

Legislator Franggi Nicolás said the bad omen of black cat was annulled because from the first work session of this new legislative group, that demonstrated that the legislators are thirsty for work; In addition, she stressed that there are 26 women in the first power of the Republic.

“Although I am from a province very ‘creyencera; in these things as it is Puntarenas, I think that the bad luck of the black cat did not hit because they started doing everything with good vibes,” said the legislator.

“For many people, it is a bad omen, we could think that there are going to be many problems in the Congress and discussions,” said visionary Minor Khayyan.

According to the expert, once a black cat has passed, there is nothing to do, so he recommends that they, the legislators, work hard to make things go well and try to keep the peace during these four years.