The traditional day after Christmas (Boxing Day for Canucks) “Tope” took place in San José Wednesday with thousands of horses and their riders parading along Paseo Colon and Avenida 2, tens of thousands lining the parade route and hundreds cleaning up the mess left behind by the horses and people.


The Tope in San José is organized by the Comisión de Fiestas de la Municipalidad de San José. “Jinetes” (cowboys and cowgals) pay a fee to enter their horse. This year an estimate 5.000 horses took part in the Tope.

For many the Tope is just one big outdoor party, as cold beers, hot sun and skimpily clad women (on horses and in the stands) are part of the tradition.


All in all authorities say the event was a success with a only a few minor hiccups. One man was detained by police for selling drugs openly and another with outstanding warrants. Police also had to break up a couple of skirmishes where alcohol played a major role.




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