Costa Rica News – Many tourists arrive in Costa Rica knowing that the business of working girls and prostitution is a part of life in the country.  However, most are not ready to experience and journey first hand into the heart of this sector of Costa Rica…..especially women from the US.

10fThis is a story of one woman’s visit to the Hotel Cocal & Casino in Jaco, know by many as the heart of this business on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

While I have never been in the business of prostitution, nor do I ever intend to, I must admit that I have a fascination with the whole process of women renting themselves out to men and how exactly this whole thing happens. So, while visiting Jacó Beach recently, I decided that an evening excursion to the Hotel Cocal and Casino would have to be on the agenda.

I dragged my friend to go with me, because, let’s face it; we are braver with a buddy. Obviously, I wasn’t prepared to go this alone. She and I got dressed up, but let’s face it, we couldn’t even compare to the professional women no matter how much we primped.

We walked down from our hotel on the beach to the Cocal which was only a couple of hotels down from our place, so even with my cute high heeled shoes; I could make it without breaking an ankle. We got to the street where we had to walk up to enter the premises.

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We walked by
the front of the hotel where there is a little parking loop and through to the back of the building where there is an outdoor bar and two fairly large twin pools.

We arrived around 9:30 p.m. and pushed our way through a sea of gray hair, overweight bellies, and plastic chests to get to the bar for our watered down drinks which were about $7.00 apiece.

Prostitution in Costa Rica is not illegal but many of the activities surrounding it are illegal, as the law forbids promoting or facilitating the prostitution of another, and therefore pimping, brothels or prostitution rings are illegal.

We looked around while waiting for our drinks. 100% of the women there had enhanced breasts. Some of these were more than just ‘enhanced’; however, they were actually reconstructed into two large cantaloupes pasted to each woman’s chest. Some were almost like small watermelon sizes.

The women were all very pretty, and very skinny. Plus they all wore what I affectionately call, F*** Me Heels. The men ranged from 70 years old to about 25 or most were super nerdy, or super horny and overconfident, or just old and had taken their Viagra somewhere between their entrée and dessert.

So, my friend and I headed away from the action a bit to get a better perspective on the scene. There were ladies also hanging out by the lounge chairs who weren’t yet ready to go fishing I guess. There was a D.J. set up in between the pools with his equipment blasting some dance music while watching the dance of the hookers. I noticed one gentleman who was dancing to his room right off the pool area with a blonde bombshell in tow.

I realized that prime real estate here is to get a room right here where the action is so you can make your way to the room as quickly as possible. There appeared to be other rooms in a high rise setting behind the pool location which I guess is for the families and the men that actually didn’t come for sex tourism, the other possibility is that the men would rather spend more on their hooker than on their hotel room.

Prostitution is common and is practiced openly throughout the country, particularly in popular tourism destinations.

Anyhow, I digress; there was also a bachelor party I believe because there was an older gentleman holding hands with a woman young enough to be his great granddaughter and he called out to his other buddy “Hey, did David get one yet? Where is he anyway? Tom, did you get yourself a girl yet?”

At this point the man, ‘Tom’ I noticed was sitting by himself and actually shooed away a hooker that was coming on to him. I noticed that he was watching my friend and I. Perhaps he was getting self-conscious seeing the way I was talking into my tape-recorded, or clicking a couple of picks of the D.J. and pool.

I was very close to asking him what his story was, but decided that I wouldn’t take the risk at that moment of getting booted out. I noticed that promptly at 11:00 p.m. the D.J. shut off his equipment, started packing up and all the girls took that cue to start hooking up fast or heading back out to the main street.

I decided that it was also time for my friend and I to take our leave.

We walked out to the front of the hotel again and in that little parking area there was a cab with a gorgeous woman exiting, and in turn two gray haired gentlemen waiting with their two evening dates to enter the cab.

One woman was blonde, the other brunette, and both had Lady Gaga shoes on. The women made their way to the cab with the men climbing in after. We left at that point with the hookers that weren’t chosen for the night and noticed that they were moving on to another bar to try their luck elsewhere. We decided to go to another bar without hookers or men to relax and reflect on our evening.

Article by Stacey Dunahay, the Costa Rican Times

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