From Territorio de Zaguates Facebook page
From Territorio de Zaguates Facebook page

Q COSTA RICA – There are over 700 dogs at Territorio de Zaguates, a sanctuary for strays in Costa Rica. Territorio is a “No-Kill Shelter” and is getting a big boost with a feature on Great Big Story. And you can do your part too, keep reading.

Lya Battle runs the Territorio de Zaguates, that stands for ‘land of mutts’, is a lush haven for stray dogs to either be adopted or live out the rest of their days. Lya, who she says she is better known as the ‘crazy dog lady’, says she started the Territorio de Zaguates partly because she’s always loved animals, all animals and that it wasn’t in her plans, “it wasn’t like I set out do this”.

“The need for this, I think all over the world is because there’s a stigma around a dog that doesn’t have a breed. (…) The solution isn’t euthanizing a dog. (….) Find a home or if not at least offer him a place,” says Lya.

Watch the video. Or better yet, visit the Territorio de Zaguates.  And as if seeing 700 dogs wasn’t exciting enough, we have more good news — they’re all adoptable!

If you can’t visit, you can help out with a donation. Visit the Territorio de Zaguates official Facebook page for more information on how to donate, including sponsoring a dog.

You can contact Lya by text message at (506) 8387 5137 or email


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