(QCOSTARICA BLOGS) – Not enough is being said about Costa Rica’s Special Olympic Team and the results of the 2015 event. All 216 athletes who each gave their all, who trained for years and whose families sacrificed to walk away with 207 medals. Double that of the previous record in 2011 of 104 medals.
You can find the article at the bottom of the 1st. page of La Naciόn when it deserves to be up right along with Keylar Navas who is struggling, as the new kid on block should, to learn the sport of football in the big league.

Among 25 different sports and more than 6,500 athletes from 165 different countries our athletes won a record 76 gold medals.All in a weeks work!

We need a parade, a banquet , we need to honor the coaches and trainers who, unlike FIFA and Tour de France volunteered, did not take bribes and most importantly, the young people competed for the joy of it and not for money.

While living in Los Angeles, I spoke with Maria Shriver after church and sincerely said, “We should have a Shriver Day for all your family has done,” from the peace Corps to the Special Olympics.

She smiled and was sort of embarrassed as if those achievements should be expected. But, then,, even with Arnold standing there started to recruit me in both the Special Olympics as well as the Peace Corps.

Some time ago I was a “hugger” at the training camp of the Special Olympics and talked some of my employees to join the effort. When each athlete crossed the finish line they received a sincere and grateful hug. One was so passionate and so strong he cracked two of my secretary’s ribs.

When you have that passion to compete, better your personal best and have the pride that goes with it, you are a star, you embrace the true spirit of sportsmanship.

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