Rico’s TICO BULL – I was in Pricesmart yesterday (Wednesday). On the big tv screens was the noon news of the opening of the ‘Platina’ bridge, an event that we’ve all been waiting for a long time.

A lady, a Tica in her late forties, comes over and says to me, “they should declare a national holiday”.

She was right. This is a day to be celebrated.

The government should declare May 24, the day the Alfredo González Flores bridge became a reality, a national holiday. It can be called “Platina Day”.

The day will be celebrated across the country. Children in schools will learn how it took less than a decade and three administrations to construction a modern, 161 meter long, six-lane bridge in the capital city. Fields trips can be organized, school kids from every corner of the country can visit.

Fields trips can be organized so that school kids from every corner of the country can visit.

The Tourism Board can use the day and the bridge to promote national tourism.

Tourism companies can organize tours of the bridge. On weekends families can come to San Jose to visit the bridge. Foreign tourists can take pictures.

All is right again with Costa Rica.

Now, work can begin on the Juan Pablo II and Rio Segundo bridges, the only four-lane bridges on a six-lane autopista.

With the experience of the Platina, I am confident that that work can be done in half the time.

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