COSTA RICA NEWS –From New York, President Luis Guillermo Solís, announced that Accenture, that currently has a services operation in Costa Rica, will expand operations generating 300 news jobs for their new financial services and accounting division.

Accenture,  one of the largest consulting firms in the world, said it made ​​the decision to continue growing in this new line of services thanks to the good results that the company has had in the country and the security of the business climate.

The announcement came as part of the investment agenda in the U.S. organized by the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE).

President Solís is New York today (Tuesday) to deliver a speech to the United Nations. Accompanying on the trip are the Minister of Foreign Trade, Alexander Mora; Foreign Minister, Jose Manuel Gonzalez; Jose Rossi, President at CINDE; Gabriela Llobet, the Director General at CINDE; and Jorge Sequeira, the new appointed Director at CINDE.

“I am pleased to announce that the company Accenture expands operations in our country generating more high quality jobs. This government is committed and works daily to generate more competitive conditions for the attraction and expansion of foreign direct investment” said Solis.

Accenture says it will hire 150 people for the rest of this year, and 150 more will be added in 2015, adding to its current workforce of 600 people. “This announcement is given thanks to the work of CINDE and COMEX in their efforts to attract investment, and the commitment of this Government to provide optimal country conditions to provide stability and confidence to companies that choose to invest in our country,” explained Solis.

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