Photo: Telenoticias
Photo: Telenoticias

A day of soccer turned into a bloody night after the national team’s big win in Brazil. Several traffic accidents and firearms incidents left several dead and wounded, according to the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) report.

One of the first  was the fatal accident that occurred in Tárcoles (near Orotina) at a bout 4:30pm, when a light vehicle collided with a heavier one, leaving one person dead and another in serious condition.

In Alajuela, it was 8pm when the Red Cross attended  to a 54 year old man been run by a car.

On Ruta 32, the San José – Limón, near the Saprissa bridge an accident between two vehicles left a woman dead at the scene and two more suffering severe blows from the impact, around 9:30pm.

Photo Cruz Roja

On the Florencio del Castillo (San José – Cartago highway), two fatalities occurred when a vehicle flipped over. No details on the whys and hows  were available.

In Guápiles, another accident between a light vehicle and a heavy one was reported, this time fortunately the injured were reported in stable condition in hospital.

In Pavas, the Red Cross report providing medial attention to a man who was driving with two bullets in his shoulder. He was taken to the San Juan de Dios hospital and police are investigating.

A couple of hours earlier, a man in Cartago was injured with a knife. He was taken to the Max Peralta hospital in Cartago, where he is recovering.

And lastly, this morning (Sunday), around 3am, the Red Cross reported providing treatement to a man with a gunshot wound to his stomach. No other details were made public.

Red Cross officials speculate alcohol played a role in the majority of the incidents.

Sources: CRHoy, Cruz Roja, Telenoticias

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