Despite the news on Monday that the government would NOT intervene in the trucker protest a the Paso Canoas border with Panama, on Tuesday Costa Rica’s Foreign Ministry agreed with its Panamanian counterpart to expedite passage along the border of both countries in order to meet the demands of Tico truckers.

 Unos 500 furgones hacen fila en territorio panameño, a la espera de que se abra el tránsito en Paso Canoas (Freddy Parrales)

Costa Rica’s Foreign Minister, Enrique castillo, said yesterday that the country is committed to reforming the customs laws that allows the seizure of vehicles and license plates from foreign vehicles.

On the other side of the border, Panama’s Foreing Minister, Fernando Núñez, said his country was committed to similar measures an promised action.

More than 40 Panamanian cargo trucks have been seized by Costa Rican authorities for violating customs laws. Reports from truckers say that some have paid up to US$20.000 to recover them.

The action by autorities had led to retaliation by Panamian officials. Francisco Quiros, director of the Cámara Nacional de Transportistas de Carga (Canatrac), alleges that Panamanian National Border Service (SENAFRONT) are singling out Costa Rican truckers.

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