26/10/16. Aeropuerto Juan Santamaria. Lanzamiento y presentación del avión de Air Costa Rica. Foto: Rafael Pacheco
Costa Rica’s new airline presented its first plane on Wednesday. The airline will proudly fly the Costa Rica flag painted on its tail and the message “Pura Vida” on its side.

(QCOSTARICA) After two years of preparations, Air Costa Rica took to the skies on Wednesday. Well almost. The airline made its official presentation on Wednesday without being able to announce a final date for the start of daily flights to Guatemala.

For now the airline is saying it expects to start regular flights between next month (November 2016) and “before January 2017” because it has not yet received its air operator’s certificate from Guatemala Civil Aviation.

The last several months the airline gone through the hoops, meeting the requirements to obtain the certificate of air worthiness and aircraft registration from the Costa Rica Civil Aviation (Aviación Civil).

The Boeing 737-300, the airline’s first airplane with a capacity of 148, will proudly fly the Costa Rica flag painted on its tailand the phrase “Pura Vida” on the side

Air Costa Rica. Foto: Rafael PacheAir Costa Rica flight crew. Foto: Rafael Pacheco
Air Costa Rica flight crew. Foto: Rafael Pacheco

“Prices will not be inexpensive, but will be below market,” said Carlos Viquez, general manager of Air Costa Rica. The price of the tickets will range between US$250 and US$350, according Víquez, who emphasized that it includes hot meals and beverages at no extra cost.

The airline has more than 60 employees, including customer service personnel and crew.

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