About 70 residents of Alajuelita has been protesting in front of the home of President Luis Guillermo Solís, located in Barrio Escalante, San José requesting a housing solution.

The group, part of the Comisión y Lucha contra la Pobreza en Alajuelita (Colupoa), began their protest around 6:00am this morning (Tuesday).

President Solís came out about 6:30am, promising then an audience at Casa Presidencial (government house) at 9:00am, that would include the president of the Instituto Nacional de Vivienda y Urbanismo (INVU), Sonia Montero, and the ministro de Binestar Social, Fernando Marín.

Colupoa are asking the President not to eliminate or make changes to Ley 59 del Sistema Financiero Nacional para la Vivienda (law on the national financing system for housing), which requires the government to allocate resources to provide decent housing for those who lack one.

The group is asking for the building of assisted housing for 298 families in San Josecito de Alajuelita.

This same group, on April 21, made thier voice heard blocking some 25 roads in six provicnes, threatening the new govenrment of Solís (who took office on May 8) to “not forget his focus.”

Source: ADN Radio 90.7FM

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