"No more femicide"
“No more femicide”

COSTA RICA NEWS – The rise in femicides this year is alarming, with 14 women dead at the hands of their partners in the first half of the year, it is almost total for all of last year, when 18 deaths were recorded, says the Instituto Nacional de la Mujer (Inamu) – women’s institute.

Even more alarming is the increase in domestic violence during the World Cup games, in which Costa Rica has advanced to the quarter-finals.

Last weekend alone there were two cases reported. In one of them the agressor ended taking his own life after shooting dead his sentimental partner.

“Violence against women is an extreme violent death…” said Alejandra Mora, minister de la Condición de la Mujer and president of the Inamu.

Mora says that to achieve a reduction in femicides, it requires not only a change in the social structure in the country, but also the ability to determine high-risck situations.

The minister believes it is important to give women the tools and quality information about what it means to file a complaint that can lead to increased anger by the aggressor.

“That does not mean discouraging their rights of defense. It means warning them of what will happen, giving them quality information, to know that they will need support in the time of transition…’ said Mora.

Mora explained that is important for women to know that they can count on a sister, a friend or make use of the Inamu shelters during their difficult time.

The minister added that in some cases the precautionary measures are insufficient, this is where it is important identify high-risk situations and have guidelines for better protection.

Currently, some 50.000 women rely on the system that is working for some, but not for all.

The Inamu says that during the World Cub games, on the days that Costa Rica played, they recevied 1.375 during calls, but cannot corroborate say if they were first time attacks, though many of the calls are suspected to be repeated aggressions.

“When a woman is in crisis and calls for help, it is not easy to determine if this is a first attack. Our hypothesis is that the calls are from women who already have a history of abusive behaviour against them…” said Mora.

The minister calls on all women who are reluctant to report abuses, to lose their fear and dare to take the step, for in many cases the community of the victims know what that the violence is occurring but remain silent, becoming complicit in the aggressions.

Source: CRHoy.com

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