(Prensa Latina) The criterion that a national salvation alliance among the opposition sectors in Panama should be created to face the multimillionaire electoral campaign by Ricardo Martinelli in favor of its presidential candidate Jose Domingo Arias, continues gaining strength. The issue was given a fresh impetus in recent hours by candidate and leader of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) Juan Carlos Navarro, who said publicly to be willing to talk about the alliance with his rival of Panameñista Party Juan Carlos Varela.

panama_martelliAccording to media outlets that have not been refuted by the PRD, the first steps of that crucial meeting were taken during a meeting between Navarro and his working team, where he said to be willing to meet with Varela to begin a national dialogue to face and defeat the Government.

Panameñista Party President Ramon Fonseca Mora talked directly with Navarro and his head of campaign, Avidel Villareal, who asserted that he would pass on the message to Varela and that he would answer to that request soon.

Navarro extended his suggestion to the independent presidential candidates and the Party Broad Front for Democracy, as well as the Church, guilds and the civil society, warning that the Government is the only entity with which he has nothing to talk or negotiate about.

The trigger that sparked off this supposed change of attitude toward a coalition Government of national unity is the conflict started by the Supreme Court of Justice with the Electoral Court, after the former encroached upon the jurisdiction of the latter authority and created a precedent to further actions that could put in danger legal security.

There are many unknown factors about this issue, as who would head the alliance and how a State policy that is accepted by all would be established.

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