The government of President Carlos Alvarado issued its first statement on Sunda on the difficult situation the people of Nicaragua are living.

Epsy Campbell, Costa Rica’s vice president and chancellor, has shown her support with the people of Nicaragua, even before assuming her position in the Government. Photo: Albert Marín / La Nacion

Through a press release from the Foreign Ministry, headed by Epsy Campbell, the Government supports the dialogue as a mechanism to reach a peaceful solution that allows the return to peace and tranquility of Nicaraguans.

Also, the Alvarado administration is pleased that the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua is guarantor in the dialogue process, though the time and place have yet to be defined by Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega.

“Costa Rica is in solidarity with the brotherly people of Nicaragua and regrets that the fundamental aspects related to the dignity and physical security of the current events generate the loss of human lives and injury to people,” the statement reads.

More than 50 people have lost their lives in Nicaragua since the clashes between the university students and riot-police began on April 18. No officials numbers are available, the Nicaragua media such as El Nuevo Diario and 100% Noticias place the number, including the violence during this weekend, at 52.

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The pronouncement assures that Costa Rica is observing with attention the development of the events in the neighboring country.

This is the first pronouncement that the new Government makes about what is happening in Nicaragua.

Costa Rica’s vice-president and Chancellor Epsy Campbell spoke about her interest in maintaining good relations with Nicaragua even before taking office.

“We have to establish the diplomatic channels in the best possible way so that our interventions are not taken as interventions that, rather, attempt against the reality of the brotherly Nicaraguan country,” said Campbell on April 26.

Last Wednesday, the Nicaraguan ambassador to Costa Rica was mobbed outside the Nicaragua embassy as he and his wife were leaving the diplomatic mission located on the east side of San Jose. A group of protesters outside the embassy shouted at the pair: “assassins, assassins!”.

Source (in Spanish): La Nacion


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