American Found Dead In Downtown San Jose Hotel


QCOSTARICA – It was Monday (September 14) around 1:40pm when hotel staff at the Hotel Del Rey, in San Jose, called paramedics after one of their guests had not been seen since the day before.

The man, a senior staying at the, was found dead in his room. The door was latched from the inside, leading authorities to believe it a natural death.

According to Franisco Corder, deputy director of the Fuerza Publica (police) in San Jose, “apparently we were dealing with an elderly gentleman who was staying at the hote. We could see through the partially open door, with the latch on the inside, sitting in a chair not moving and not responding to our call.”

Authorities say the man was an American, his last name Matherne.

The Hotel Del Rey a favourite spot for men looking for prostitutes.