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Photo La Nacion

(QCOSTARICA) — The Hospital Mexico on Monday reported the death of the third of sextuplets born last week. Andrés, the fifth born, died Monday morning at 9:00am due to multiple organ failure.

The brain, hearth and lungs failed and then the entire body shut down, explained Neonatologist Patricia Fallas.

Andres, weighing at 943 grams, never left the hospital where he was born.

Fallas said the low weight and extreme premature birth never allowed the baby time to fully develop his organs. “You can never think that a baby born 13 weeks prematurely, is okay. Sometimes they are fine for a couple of days, but that does not take away the serious risk where they are,” said Fallas.

Last Wednesday, Diego died (after 65 hours of birth) due to “extreme prematurity” and low birthweight. Two days later, on Friday, Emma died of the same causes.

The three surviving newborns are under careful medical observation.

Gabriel continues to battle for is life at the Hospital Mexico, where all six were born; Valentina at the Hospital de la Mujer (Women’s Hospital); and Tomás is at the Hospital Nacional de Niñso (Children’s Hospital), all in San José.

Jaime Lazo, head of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital, said Tomás has recorded an improvement, since Friday consuming milk. However, that does not mean that he is no longer in delicate condition.

The six children, the first sextuplets born in Costa Rica, were born on  May 17, 27 weeks and five days after conception:

  • Emma, weighed 1,030 grams (2.27 pounds)
  • Tomáas was born weighing 1,060 g (2.33 lb.)
  • Valentina (915 g, or 2.02 lb.)
  • Diego (980 g, or 2.16 lb.)
  • Andrés (942 g, or 2.07 lb.)
  • Gabriel (984 g, or 2.17 lb.)


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