A group of people who oppose abortion met Sunday afternoon outside the home of President Luis Guillermo Solis, in the Condominio Villa Fontana, in the Escalante neighborhood.

A group of people who oppose abortion gathered Sunday evening in front of the gate of the Condominio Villa Fontanca, in Barrio Escalante, home of President Luis Guillermo Solis,. Photo: Rafael Murillo

The group, made up of approximately 25 people arrived around 6:30 om, with lanterns and began to pray silently with the objective of “God illuminate the president in his decisions.”

The group was organized by Paula Saenz Soto, artist and Catholic activist, publishing on the social networks on Friday a poster of the details of the activity.

“We have heard that a law on therapeutic abortion can be passed and we do not want this to happen in Costa Rica, it is a pro-life country (…). So we came to pray for the unborn and for their protection,” Saenz explained.

The woman added that although Solis is not the only one to decide, the prayers also seek the “enlightenment” of the Legislators of the Legislative Assembly.

“We want to make known that we are willing to defend the unborn (…) We have joined forces between religions that sometimes we do not get along very well,” she said.

Gustavo Osborne Güell, Paula’s husband, also participating in the activity called “Vigilia en Costa Rica en defensa de la vida del no nacido” (Vigilia in Costa Rica in defense of the life of the unborn).

“My wife and I have always been promoting and trying to help raise awareness about the unborn, that people understand that they are human beings just like us,” said Osborne minutes before the start of the movement.

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