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App Makes Downtown San Jose Parking A Snap

The digital system eliminates looking for a parking meter in downtown San Jose and the slips placed on the dash. All is done with a few clicks of a smartphone

Parking in downtown San Jose is a challenge. Right? An app(lication) now makes life easier in the capital city, eliminating the time to looking for a parking space. The epakr CR app allows users to quickly and safely park in downtown San jose.

Users of the app can ‘reserve’ their parking space, without having to drive around the block or more to find an available parking meter.

The app is free to download on smartphones and other mobile devices, both for Android and OS (Apple), and includes spaces on more than 3,000 meters in the four districts of downtown San Jose: Carmen, Merced, Catedral and Hospital.

Easy to use

Register online or download the app and register. You will be asked for your name, email and telephone number. Once registered you can add your license plate number and start using the system, once you’ve added your method of payment that can be with a credit card, debit card, virtual wallet, the Quickpass issued by the Banco Nacional, Compass by the BAC or BN Servicios.

To use, simply choose the meter (from a list) you plan to use, select the vehicle (license plate), the time you plan to use and payment method.

Currently, the cost for an hour is ¢780 colones, and ¢390 for a half hour.

The slips are history. With epark CR you do not need paper slips on the vehicle

A reminder 10 minutes before the time is to expire is sent to the user and allows to extend the time, if necessary. Running over time without extending will result in a fine.

There is no need to purchase – or go looking for a seller – parking meter slips to be placed on the dash. Epark CR does away with the use of parking slips and is monitored by up to 40 municipal parking meter ‘agents’, that have a record of the license plates and outstanding time.

The epark CR is currently being used in conjunction with the parking meter boxes that issue the slips. Eventually, the digital system will replace that system.

The plan is part of San Jose’s ‘smart city’ that includes road planning and making good use of public spaces in a city collapsed by vehicular traffic.

San Jose mayor Johnny Araya said the initiative represents another step in the city’s strategy to turn the capital city into a city that offers connectivity to its visitors.

“Today, there is a global stream of smart cities. San Jose does not want to be left behind, and that is why we have already begun to take the first steps. We have a system of video surveillance cameras that, in my opinion, is the most developed in the country. In addition, there are pilot plans in various parts of the capital to generate free Wi-Fi zones,” said Araya.

According to the mayor, the idea is to continue positioning the capital as a “destination” and not just an “in transit” city.