Costa Rica is not the biggest of countries, it is not a place that will require long flights to get from one place to another, it is not a country which has train rides that can take almost a day or bus rides that can consume whole weekends.

However, there are still some journeys that can take a little time. It is not as if you can zip from one place to the other without at least some travel and some need to pass the time which often feels like it is seriously dragging when you are stuck on a bus or train.

The journey from San Jose to Tamarindo, for example, can take over four hours by car so if you take public transport it will be even longer. This is the time where you will want something to do, something that can help you to forget that you are going to be on the road for a while. Costa Rica has many beautiful viewing points but some journeys can take you through places that are less than picturesque, meaning many people turn to their phones to keep them entertained.

It is amazing what our phones can do nowadays and it is no surprise that we often see people glued to them. They are like small cinemas, little games consoles and music machines all in one little package, they have everything you need to keep you entertained. The rise of apps has cemented this role for phones and now there are so many apps to choose from that it can be a little overwhelming. You don’t want to find yourself on a seven-hour journey from beautiful Puerto Jimenez to Liberia only to find the apps you have installed are useless.

To help you out, we thought we should explore two of the must-have apps for traveling around Costa Rica.

Wintingo online casino

When you are traveling, often you just wanted to feel you are transported to somewhere else. You want to forget you are on a bus or a train and imagine yourself in a faraway land doing something else. Wintingo online casino makes you feel like you are in Monte Carlo or Las Vegas on a buzzing and elegant casino floor, the fact that they offer a match bonus of up to $500 adds to the illusion that you are a billionaire in Monte Carlo.

Yo Viajo

You are not going to be getting far in Costa Rica without knowing from where and when the buses are going to be coming. Yo Viajo is the most easy to use app for journey planning and gives you all the info you need for your Costa Rican adventure. It can help you get from A to B and you can even use the app to buy and store your tickets.

Viva El Menu

Your bus or train might be stopping off somewhere for you to grab some food, Costa Rica has some magical places to grab a bite but it can be a little hard to find a place. Viva El Menu has a guide to all the perfect places to get something to eat in Costa Rica and best of all, the app is free.






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