1:22 pm: The waiting continues. Johnny Araya, his wife,  his vice-presidential candidates and the elected PLN legislators are in the hotel building and expected to take the stadium in the coming minutes.

All national television cameras have continued their noon day transmission with the news of the anticipated announcement.

12:50 pm:  The anticipation is building. The national television cameras are all focused on the head table in the Corobici hotel ballroom, where Johnny Araya is expected to announce his resignation from the presidential race.

Fueling the speculation is a series of meetings of the PLN candidate and party officials this morning, the day after the publication of a poll by Semanario Universidad, the University of Costa Rica’s *(UCR)  newspaper that showed Araya with only 20.9 percent support, and 64.4% for  PAC candidate Luis Guillermo Solís.

In anticipation of the announcement, Solís cancelled a planned trip to Washington D.C..

According to Article 138 of the Costa Rican Constitution, Araya cannot resign. The April 6 run-off election must continue.

12:10 pm: Costa Rica is waiting the official word from the PLN candidate, Johnny Araya, who has called a press conference that will take place in the coming minutes in the Corobici Hotel.

Speculation is that the candidate will be announcing his resignation from the presidential race.

Costa Rica’s constitution does allow a candidate to resign, according to political experts the run-off election must be take place, on April 6.

More details will follow …

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