Q24N (Prensa Latina) Argentinian citizens are now expressing their disagreement with the decision of raising the transport taxes even up to 100 percent in the services in trains and buses, with their tweets on Twitter and their notes in Facebook, with ingenious images.

The increase of 100 percent and of 70 percent in the trains of so-called Gran Buenos Aires took users of Twitter to upload some photos, accompanied with prhases such as “Let Us All Pay the Raise with Joy”.

The main local press media also published on the increase of the prices. Among them, there is Pagina 12, which showed a comment, with the phrase “Travelling Is Already Costing Twice”.

Other newspapers, magazines and websites like www.minutouno.com are also reflecting their opinion on the increase of the prices.

To try to minimize the impact of this measure, the government promised that there will be a social tariff for the most needy sectors.

But, bonus payment for retirees, workers in private homes and beneficiaries of the Universal Allocation for Children (AUH in Spanish) was included, and in those cases the increases reach 50 percent, reported Pagina 12.

The rise in the prices of public transport joins others that have also affected the pockets of Argentines as the rising prices of electricity, gas and water, in the middle of the so-called governmental adjustment plan, which has left thousands of unemployed people in turn.

In a statement published by the news website Ambito, the Deputy Secretary of the Union of truck drivers, Pablo Moyano, said that if there are no answers by the government “to stop this brutal adjustment, a national strike cannot be disregarded.”

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