170345_620QCOSTARICA – To ensure public safety, as of January 1, the vehicles of “porteadores” – informal taxis – must be a year 2000 or newer model or have a heavy traffic fine and/or confiscation of license plates.

Mario Zarate, director of the Consejo de transporte Público (CTP) – Public Transport Council, explained that the “ley de porteo” requires that vehicles cannot be more than 15 years old.

The director explained that the rule went into effect last July, but the CTP granted the porteadores an extension.

Given that the majority of the vehicles used by the porteadores are 1990’s models, last week, porteadores requested another extension, which has not been granted.

Over the years porteadores have fought and won the right to legally operate and are now subject to rules regulated by the CTP, that also regulates buses and formal (red) taxi concessions.



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