QCOSTARICA – Was it a case of mistaken identity? Hitting the wrong apartment? Definitely a scare moment Saturday night for the residents of Residencias Los Jardines, in Pozos, Santa Ana

For lack of an official report by the Organismo de Investigacion Judicial (OIJ), we are relying this report on facts published on the social media and a reader of the Q, who was kind enough to update us. Not even the Diario Extra has anything on this.

Santa Ana is considered generally secure and has a large number percentage of expat residents.

The story from informal sources is that, around 8:30pm Saturday night, 3 armed men entered Residencias Los Jardines Saturday, terrorized the developer and residents and attempted to steal a car.  One of the assailants attempted to steal a motorcycle in front of Panaderia Mora (bakery) but then he car jacked a vehicle with a woman and baby inside.  Before this they tried an attempted robbery up the street at Condos Via Nova.

The street has many luxury, gated complexes and it is a street with one entrance/exit, in front of Fresh Market, Calle Miramontes.

The attack generated a massive response from the Fuerza Publica (police) and Policial Municial (local Santa Ana police) within minutes. “By 9pm there were about 10 police cars and cops with AK47’s but apparently no one was captured.”

The latest. The residents are running scared. The reason that no one was hurt and nothing was stolen is because…they were looking for a ‘Mexican family’. It appears one of the assailants had a walkie-talkie and a few of the folks overheard the conversation with guys waiting in a car outside, “You must be in the wrong condominium,”!

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