Q COSTA RICA NEWS – At 108 Cabo lolo has lived through most of the memorable events that have marked the history of Costa Rica.

Photo from the prresident's Facebook page
Photo from the prresident’s Facebook page

Last Thursday November 24 added a new memory to his history.

José Dolores Jacamo Palma, known as “Cabo lolo”,  who along with his 75-year-old wife, – who together have 7 children – is a neighbor of Upala and was one of the victims of Hurricane Otto.

In spite of it, he refuses to leave its house, now destroyed.

Luis Guillermo Solis, on his Facebook page, tells the story of the visit by CONAPAM officials on Tuesday Today, three officials from CONAPAM and from the Bijagua de Upala care centre, visited Cabo Lolo and were pleasantly surprised at the excellent health and mood with which they found the senior.

“He is an oak,” the described the centenarian by officials of the care centre, who responsible to insure “Cabo lolo” with the best of living conditions.

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