Photo for illustrative purposes, via ICODER website.
Photo for illustrative purposes, via ICODER website.

An internal audit of the Instituto Costarricense del Deporte y la Recreación (ICODER) – Costa Rica’s sports and recreation institute – reveals that some athletes spend their scholarships on big television screens, beer, vehicles parts, clothes and cell phone cases, among other items.

The report, No. 002-2014, submitted by the Consejo Nacional de Deportes (National Sports Council) on April 7, to internal auditor, Arcadio Quesada.

According to the report, “a reivew of aspects of the expenses incurred by athletes, it was verified that those cost items are not within the established aspects applicable to the granting of scholarships”.

Furthermore, the report notes that “there was no documented actions taken by management in this regard”.

In total, according to the report, the state subsidized 196 athletes between 2012 and 2013, for a total of ¢324 million colones (¢112 million in 2012 and ¢212 million in 2013).

The audit was based on the invoices of 14 athletes. The report says the beer purchases were made at a beach bar-restaurant in Playa Bonita, Limón, purchases made at Pricesmart that included a bowl for cat food, and transmission parts for a Galloper, among others.

The purchases contravene the Reglamento para Otorgamiento de Becas y/o Estímulos Deportivos (Rules for Awarding Scholarships).

Artile 9 of the rules says that scholarships are to be used to hire professional services for athletes to achieve goals, purchase equipment and materials for training, travel, lodging or training inside and outside the country, including food, supplements and insurance policies.

Two ICODER employees are currently on leave, Roberto Solano, area manager, and Minor Monge.

Source: La Nación

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