Melvin Jimenez, was appointed on May 8 by President SOlís as Minister of the Presidency (a position akin to the Chief of Staff in the U.S.)

The Attorney General’s Office determined that the appointment of the Lutheran bishop, Melvin Jimenez, as Minister of the Presidency, is unconstitutional.

The Attorney General opinion was requested by Constitutional Court.

Arnesto Alonso, Deputy Attorney, explained that the appointment of Jimenez violated Article 142, Paragraph 3 of the Constitution, which only allows political participation of members of the secular state.  Alonso added that the interpretation that the Article applies only to members of the Catholic religion, is discriminatory.

“It is important to clarify that the report does not contain legal advice and is not binding on the Constitutional Court,” said Alonso.

President Luis Guillermo Solís said he will wait for a decision of the Constitutional Court.

The President, in Guanacaste to participate in the province’s anniversary celebrations on Friday, said he was not concerned about the Attorney General report.

Solís added that he does not consider the Jimenez appointment as unconstitutional and that Jimenez is completely dedicated to his position in government and no to religious activities.

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