Put it Under the Mattress – Or Spend it!

Q BLOGS – It is really hard not to join the global news outlets and write something about the Trump Administration if there is such a thing. But Q Costa Rica focuses on local issues. Damn, I want to get in on the D.C. drama! We have a major issue here in Pura Vida and […]

Why Costa Rica?

QBLOGS – For many years we were the kids on the block bullied by the thugs to the North, the big guys from the East not to mention our neighbors. This “get out of the way” political process seems to have saved Pura Vida from one hell of a heartache. Look around and all we […]


QBLOGS – They are potholes or in Costa Rica, we call them “huecos” and they are a national shame resulting in undeserved accidents, deaths, and car damage. It is a shame that communities even my neighbors and I need to patch these things before a bike, motorcycle or even a car hits one and either […]


QBLOGS – First, here in Costa Rica we cannot avoid commenting as well as analyzing the recent elections in the United States. We are small, (Not too small to win at soccer) and we are vulnerable in so many ways such as the economy, jobs, water and most important of all a failed infrastructure which […]

The U.S. Election

(QBLOGS) Like or not, it is going to take a long, long time to analyze why Donald Trump is the President-elect of the United States of America. Certainly it is a lesson to be learned and we know little as of now. After the initial shock and the protestors go back to business, homes and […]

Not Much Longer – Thank You God!

(QBLOG)  Who and the hell is this Joe Garcia and what terrible, terrible things has he done? We receive our cable feed from Miami and recently it has been either the weather or one of the thousands of campaign advertisement demeaning candidates while promoting others who are like ghosts since most expats have no idea […]

The Latin Family Myth

(QBLOG) Most Expats from the North agree that closeness and support of Latino family members is indeed admirable. However it is highly exaggerated. The poor and rural families stick together pretty close, perhaps even middle class. But those who live in the city have caught on to the American way and many could not care […]

Who Won The Taxi War?

(QBLOGS) The father of modern management, Dr. Peter F. Drucker in one of my lectures said, “The informal organization will always win over the formal organization which is the perfect case of Uber vs. red taxi (legal) and pirate taxis (informal or illegal). Clients have no idea what to use since two of the rides […]

A Worrisome World!

QBLOGS – While we stop traffic in protest over one thing or another, spend lots of money that we do not have, and make international fools out of ourselves such as the UN “Walk Out” by our president; so many places on our globe are on fire but we are not. At least not yet, […]


QBLOGS – Everywhere, every corner and every barrio there are thousands, but thousands of cars trying to make it to work, to school, to the supermarket, to medical appointments, home, etc. Almost no place goes unscathed from massive congestion in the Central Valley. Those living in rural zones are almost exempt from all this, except […]

Does Public Healthcare (Caja) Deserve to Survive?

Does Public Healthcare (Caja) Deserve to Survive?

(QBLOGS) The Caja (Caja Costaricense del Seguro Social – CCSS) has tried and tried to provide quasi-public healthcare for 70 years only to face an insurmountable deficit, long lines, a shortage of doctors, much needed medical equipment, and minor league patient care. The original intent was or is admirable, but reality is not. Why not […]

The Great Taxi War – 2016

QBLOGS – The “reds” against the “orange”, the “pirates” against the deadly free lancers, yet authorized “porteadores” and all of the those listed are ganging up to attack the newest kid on the block…Uber. Now here is a classic case of the informal organization stronger and becoming more legitimate than the formal organization. Also, the […]

Dumb & Dumber Part 7

  Award # 1 That just has to go to INCOFER, our manager of trains which sometimes work and sometimes you need to take the bus. It was noted by the Spanish-language newspaper, La Nacion that the brakes on our trains are really breaks from trucks and not trains.l. How long do they last, if […]

Dumb and Dumber Awards Part 6

QBLOGS – Sorry! But last week’s tragedies and morose news starting with the Death of Muhammad Ali and ending in 50 people mowed down in Orlando, just says to me there is nothing remotely humorous. There should always be something interesting and “Duh”, but not now. Simply read Yahoo New, Washington Post News and Huffington […]

Ali, Remembering The Day I Had Breakfast With Him

Ali, Remembering The Day I Had Breakfast With Him

QCOSTARICA  – The Internet is literally full of stories and personal relationship with Muhammad Ali, perhaps the greatest sports figure ever and a man, strong, tall man who had many insights into life itself. I’m not going into the history of Muhammad Ali and anecdotes with journalists, just my own time memory of his presence. […]

Bumb & Dumber Part 3

QCOSTARICA BLOGS: Award # 1 Goes to: President Solis, who, on our tax money, might have, as the saying goes, “Pissed off the Pope.” In Costa Rica it is perfectly polite to be late for just about anything with far-fetched excuses. it is part of the culture. *Have a dinner at 7PM and the 1st […]

[QBLOG] The Dumb and Dumber Awards

QCOSTARICA BLOG – There are a few, okay maybe more than a few things in Costa Rica that earn the “Dumb and Dumber Award” henceforth known a DDA. My first nominee would be the all new proposed regulation giving substantial favorability to hybrid and electric cars. The proposal says, no duties, no Marchamo, free parking […]

[BLOG] And Here We Are!

QCOSTARICA BLOGS – War in the entire Middle East continued reports of mass killings in Iraq, Israel, Syria the U.S. and a refugee crisis of the poorest of the poor escaping their home country while we, and the developed world hotly debate the rights of LBGT community. Most people do not even know what LGBT […]

[BLOG] What is Craft Beer?

QCOSTARICA BLOGS – What is Craft Beer? After a lot of reading, I have concluded nobody really knows. It is a feeling a taste usually presented by a small brewery. Costa Rica is no exception with craft or artesan beer showing up all over the country. I have tried a few, not many because I […]

[BLOG] Fear of the Law is Good

QCOSTARICA BLOG – Daily we read about new laws, new departments of law enforcement and new procedures used in courts to convict the guilty or set them free. However, sometimes it is difficult to know the good guys from the bad guys. Especially for Twenty-dollars or more. Those who have taken the oath of honesty […]

[BLOG] The Only Good News Last Week

President Solis has come out of the closet and said he would not ever run for president again. Based upon continued negative polls, that is the best decision this administration has ever made. After one year and three months, we still have no idea what direction he wishes to take and we are caught in […]

[BLOG] Say What?

QCOSTARICA BLOGS -I read in two periodicals including the narrative in the Tico Times regarding the plight and plea of cyclists or bicyclists, as they hate to be called. These, are mostly weekend athletes, who believe they are not given the appropriate road respect resulting in 69 deaths in 2015. Of course, it is too […]

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