Promoter Scams In Costa Rica

Promoter Scams In Costa Rica

Q BLOGS – Once again, Costa Ricans have been scammed by an unscrupulous promoter/travel agent, leaving 150 Costa Ricans stranded in Juan Santamaria Airport, when a promoter/travel agent didn’t pay the airline for their passage to Mexico City to attend the Costa Rica-Mexico soccer game tonight. Similar circumstances to these are repeated over and over […]

How The Trump Era Will Affect Life in Costa Rica

How The Trump Era Will Affect Life in Costa Rica

QBLOGS / Donald Trump has and continues to make bold statements regarding “Making America First”, with the primary tenets of both “Buying and Hiring American”. If this philosophy were to be adopted verbatim in the manner in which Mr. Trump espouses, life in Costa Rica could be severely negatively impacted. Without the well paid employment […]

Beachfront Property Ownership in Costa Rica

Beachfront Property Ownership in Costa Rica

QBLOGS – In 1977, Costa Rica passed the Maritime Zone Law, which established property ownership rights for beachfront property in Costa Rica. Under the Costa Rica Constitution, the initial fifty meters going inland from the high-tide line on beachfront properties, as established by the Costa Rica National Geographic Institute, has always been reserved for public […]

Choosing Your Perfect Costa Rica Beach Vacation

(QBLOGS) I’ve lived in Costa Rica for over eighteen years and practiced law for fourteen of them. In the course of my law practice, which involves mainly foreign clients looking for properties to purchase and legal Residency status from the Immigration Department, I am often asked what my preferred area of Costa Rica is, particularly […]

Retail Marketing and Consumer Protection Law in Costa Rica

(QBLOG) As I mentioned in my previous blog regarding supermarket merchandising practices at major supermarket chains in Costa Rica, so goes the marketing practices of larger department stores. There is a keen interest by these Costa Rica entities in mimicking the marketing practices of their U.S. and Canadian counterparts, especially when it comes to “riding […]

Costa Rica Supermarket Merchandising Practices

Costa Rica Supermarket Merchandising Practices

(QBLOGS) I don’t think anyone would disagree, that the two top supermarket chains in Costa Rica are AutoMercado and Mas x Menos (Walmart), both as to overall quality and selection, especially when it comes to imported goods. I’m sure that their owner/managers have visited similar business ventures in the U.S. and Canada, such as Safeway, […]

Estate Planning Tips For Foreigners Living in Costa Rica

(QBLOGS) Most foreigners arriving to live and acquire assets in Costa Rica will already have a valid Will drafted in their home jurisdiction, designed to cover the disposition of all of their world assets on their death. Such a Will may be recognized in Costa Rica to cover the disposition of assets acquired in Costa […]

The Costa Rica Real Estate Market Explained

(QBLOGS) I have over twenty-eight years of combined experience as primarily a Real Estate Attorney, in both Canada and Costa Rica, fourteen years in each jurisdiction, with a Law Degree from each jurisdiction (English Common Law and Roman Civil Law respectively), and a Notary and Registry Degree from Costa Rica in addition. I belong to […]

Costa Rica Rice Importation: The “Blessing” Unveiled

Costa Rica Rice Importation: The “Blessing” Unveiled

OPINION – On September 26, 2015, I published an article on the Q entitled: “Costa Rica Rice Crop Failure Due To Drought: Could This Be A Blessing in Disguise?”. Today (Monday) in La Nacion, I note an article where the Government, due to the rice crop failures and consequential rice shortages, brought about by the […]

Sundays And Statutory Holidays – Days “To Get Things Done” Tico Style

After eighteen “fun-filled” years of living in Costa Rica, I’ve had an opportunity to witness many differing social norms in Tico Society, from that of my native Canadian Society. I’ve commented on many of these differences in my many previous blogs on this website, with my characteristic lack of political correctness and sometimes, with a […]

The Independent Republics Of RECOPE, ICE and UCR

BLOGS – The Republic of Costa Rica, such as it is (I’ve said that it is really an “Oligarchy” in some of my previous blogs), has a number entities within its territorial boundaries, with the biggest being RECOPE, ICE, and UCR, but being among others, that function more like independent republics, much in the same […]

Costa Rica Society: Trickle-Down Corruption

Costa Rica Society: Trickle-Down Corruption

QCOSTARICA BLOGS – We all bandy about the term “corruption”, when it comes time to reflect on Costa Rica Society, as being one of its Hallmarks, and I would say with some assurance, that it is the same for Latin American Societies in general. It is not that corruption doesn’t exist in First World Country […]

Jealousy As A Motivation For Obstructionism

COSTARICA BLOGS – Many of you foreigners living in Costa Rica and reading this blog, will not be as involved in Costa Rican Society as I am, as a practicing Costa Rica Attorney, particularly on the side of doing business and interacting with Governmental institutions and other Costa Rican professionals. Of course, as my bio […]

[BLOG] A Possible Solution For The Guanacaste Water Shortage?

QCOSTARICA BLOGS – Last Tuesday, May 10th, the President signed a Presidential Decree prohibiting the drilling of new water wells in the Province of Guanacaste, for a three year period. On Friday, May 13th, the ASADA (Community Water Directorate) for Potrero, Guanacaste, denied the supply of additional water for the large condominium development known as […]

[BLOG] A Proclamation Of Emancipation For Costa Rica’s Less Empowered Social Members

QBLOG – Many, if not most counties in the world, like to involve the word “Democratic” in their description of government. Even the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea), the brutal North Korean Dictatorship of Kim Jong Un, uses the term, when even the less studious of readers would have to know that it is […]

BLOG: The Magna Carta Vs. The Reality Of Administration

CORRECTION:  As editor had the Turrialba volcano on my mind, ahead of my trip to Cartago today, when adding the blog title. My apologoies. QCOSTARICA BLOGS – Yesterday, President Solis very indignantly stated in the news media that he found the comments of some persons of Costa Rica being compared to the lawless ”Wild West” […]

Last Saturday’s March Against Recope; Could This Be The Beginning Of the Costa Rica “Spring”?

QCOSTARICA BLOGS – The interesting thing about last Saturday’s march held in San Jose against the corrupt administration of the Government Petroleum Monopoly, RECOPE, had some surprising similarities with the beginning of what is now referred to as the “Arab Spring” in Tunisia several years ago. Although the “Arab Spring” uprising centers around a fight […]

Mr. President, May I Invite You For A Beer?

QCOSTARICA BLOGS – Mr. President, as a Canadian Lawyer, Naturalized as a Costa Rican, and practicing law in Costa Rica for thirteen of the past seventeen years that I have resided in Costa Rica, I believe that I have a very good background to comment on the current economic crisis facing Costa Rica, both from […]

Costa Rica’s Most Amusing Incidents

(Revised) QCOSTARICA BLOGS – I’m sure that most of you believe that lawyers don’t have much of a sense of humour. In this article, I hope to prove you wrong, at least in my case. Over the seventeen years that I have lived in Costa Rica, I have witnessed a varying array of amusing incidents, […]

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