Where's my order?
Where’s my order?

(TICO BULL) It’s Sunday morning, the sun is not shining yet, there is a cool breeze blowing. Perfect weather ahead of the hot sun and the 30+ temperatures around the corner and the pouring rain later.

Thought I would share with you one of the funny videos by la 1/2 Docena (Media Docena), a Costa Rica comedy group that brings us “Tico humour” by the half dozen.

In this video skethc of “autosandwich” they take the fast food line to the extreme.

Unfortunately for those of you don’t speak Spanish well some of the jokes may be lost, but they are made up by the facial and body gestures.

See if you can spot Maikol Yordan (pronounced Michael Jordan).


Article originally appeared on Ticobull.com

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