Costa Rica reached baby 5 million this Saturday, September 1st, as president by the Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas y Censos (INEC).

Eithan Jesús Brenes Alvarado is baby number 5 million.

Eithan Jesus was one three babies born between 9:20 pm and 9:30 pm in the maternities of the San Carlos hospital, in Alajuela, in the north of the country, San Vicente de Paúl in Heredia and Enrique Baltodano of Liberia, Guanacaste.

This according to the Health Statistics area of ​​the Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social (CCSS) – Costa Rican Social Security Fund –  the 26 maternities and the Institutional Nursing Directorate, in order to register births in the time slot determined by the INEC, all under the coordination of the Medical Management of the state health entity of that Central American country.

Foto: Rafael Pacheco

Eithan Jesús Brenes Alvarado was born at 9:27 pm in Heredia by caesarean section, the son of Madelyne Alvarado Calvo, 27 years of age, a first-time mother and Reinier Brenes Calvo, 31 years of age and weighed 3.7 kilos (8 lbs).

The proud parents: Madelyne Alvarado Calvo, 27 and Reinier Brenes Calvo, 31. Foto: Rafael Pacheco

The couple are residents of Varablanca. Madelyne’s due date was August 23. The couple have been married for three years.

Costa Rica president reacted to the birth, post on Twitter: “We received #Baby5M! We welcome you with a lot of love; love for you, for your family and for Costa Rica. You came to a country that is working to be better for all people because #CadaPersonaCuenta ”

It is worth noting that at present, one of the first actions that takes place as soon as a child is born in Costa Rica is to apply the golden rule, which consists of placing it on the mother’s breast for at least one hour to elevate the attachment and ensure that the process of adapting to the new life is not so traumatic.

Foto: Rafael Pacheco

Subsequently, the baby is cleaned, his eyes are cleaned, his secretions are removed, his navel is cured, vitamin K is administered, among other actions, which are included in the institutional protocols.

Foto: Rafael Pacheco

Now waiting on baby 6 Million
According to the estimates of the INEC it is expected that the 6 millionth Costa Rican will be born in 27 years, that is, in 2045.


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