The Ninth Edition of the Deloitte Business Barometer shows a deterioration in view of the economic situation of the country for the next 12 months.

1010umbrellaFrom a statement issued by Deloitte:

According to data collected during the ninth edition of Deloitte Business Barometer conducted in October and November, the results show a deterioration in the vision of entrepreneurs regarding the economy compared to May-14 survey.

On the one hand, there is a decrease in the percentage of those who believe that the economic situation is better compared to a year ago (14.8% vs 16.3% in May-14) and on the other, the percentage of those who believe that the economy is on an equal footing to a year ago dropped (52.6% vs 59.9%).

A strong increase was also seen in the number of entrepreneurs who believes that the investment climate is worse than a year ago (56.7% vs 45.2% in May-14).

The assessments of business relating to macroeconomic performance in the near future are not very encouraging, having recorded a deterioration in the answers in respect to the results reported in the previous edition.


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