(QCOSTARICA) Costa Rica produces avocado (aguacate in Spanish) and according to the National Production Council (Consejo Nacional de Producción – CNP), the domestic supply is good and companies can continue to import from such markets as Nicaragua, Peru and Colombia.

Despite the ban by the State Phytosanitary Service (Servicio Fitosanitario del Estado  – SFE) on imports from certain areas of Mexico, the CNP says that there is still a good supply of domestically grown avocados, both Hass and Creole (Criollo in Spanish).

According to the CNP, while the market price may have risen in the last couple of days, particularly in supermarkets, partly due to seasonal behaviour and market speculation, while on the streets 3 for ¢1,000 colones is normal for the domestic from producers in places like Orotina, Santa Ana, Sarapiqui, San Marco de Tarrazu and Santa Maria de Dota.

However, the Mexican imports still in the market can go for double to triple, say 3 for ¢2,000 and ¢3,000 colones.

Some street vendors have reported a decrease in sales because people think the product has a virus problem and not suitable for consumption.

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