The Banco Nacional (BN) bank manager who admitted to stealing ¢378 million colones (US$756.000) has lost his appeal to receive his salary while in prison awaiting trial.

gerenteJuan Carlos Quesada, manager of the Playa Carmen (Cobano) branch of the Banco Nacional who made off with bags of money from the vault after closing, filed an appeal with the Constitutional Court to receive his pay.

The Court said the matter is a labour dispute.

Quesada surrendered to police on January 24, days after making off with the bank’s money, claiming he took the money because he had received threats. The Juzgado Penal de Hacienda imposed a three month preventive detention.

Banco Nacional spokesperson, Carlos Echeverría, said the Código de Trabajo (Labour Code) gives the bank the right not to pay the employee his salary while he is in jail.

The stolen money has yet to be found. Investigators have not been able to trace it, and Quesada is not telling them where it is and/or who he gave it to and/or who has it.

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