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COSTA RICA NEWS – The German chemical and pharmaceutical company says it has invested US$10 million dollars in Costa Rica plant and employing 75 people

Bayer, the German chemical and pharmaceutical company, says it has invested US$10 million dollars in the first medical devices plant in Costa Rica, located in the Zona Franca Metropolitana in Heredia.

The 1.900 square meter (20.000 square foot) facility will be producing a new permanent birth control device, Essure. The first stage of the plant has been in operation since October 2014, dedicated to assembly and other tasks in the manufacturing process, but the product has not yet been marketed or exported because it is now in the certification stage, which they hope will occur in late March 2015.

Essure is a permanent, non-surgical transcervical sterilization procedure for women developed by Conceptus Inc., a subsidiary of Bayer. It was approved for use in the United States on November 4, 2002. reports that “… The plan for this year is to produce up to 50,000 packages of two pieces each, ie 100,000 devices, and raise that figure to 160,000 in 2016, in order to export to various countries worldwide, mainly to the US market. ”

“… The plant and the device which decided Bayer to open and manufacture in Costa Rica is the result of the acquisition made in 2013 of the multinational company Conceptus. Bayer made an international transaction with the firm with an approximate total value to US$1.1 billion. As a result, it became the manager of Conceptus’ operations in Mexico and also paved the way for the construction of the plant in Heredia and development of this device, but now, under the standards of Bayer. ”

For the project, Bayer says it has hired 75 people, who were trained for the various assembly functions and other work required in the production process.


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